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1392 West River Road

Waterloo, NY 13165


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9 am to 30 minutes

Before dusk

Veterans Air Rifle

In 2009, Club volunteers partnered with Recreation Therapists from the Veterans Administration, Canandaigua, NY to begin this weekly program of shooting instruction and fun.  The bottom line of this program is to get our Vet's ready to compete in the Golden Age Games (GAG) held yearly in different cities across the United States (Buffalo, NY, Albuquerque, NM, Fairbanks, AK to name a few).  They compete in various sports where air rifle and air pistol are but two.

Using our Indoor Range, the Vet's shoot at a variety of paper targets 10m downrange using .177cal pellet rifles with peep sights.  Rifle shooting basics (hold, aim, breathing & trigger squeeze) are used.  The targets are many with the GAG Competition Target being the most hated.  Our fun targets include various size bullseyes and animal silhouettes.

Over the years, this program has grown to include some of our veterans from Rochester, NY that has the Club running two shifts and have recently incorporated air pistol.  WRPC is proud to be involved with our local Veterans and helping them attain many top medals shooting at the Golden Age Games.

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